The fantastic Four

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In Sign Rockers we have created The Fantastic Four. This four advices will help you during the entire journey to be EPIC!

1.- Rehearseguitar

This advice is for you to be ready in your first day. Whether you are a Sign Rocker or a Sign Spinner we want you to be comfortable during your shifts. We recommend you that during the first hour of your first day try different types of movements with the sign, see which movement is more comfortable for you to work. Once you find the perfect movement start looking for the perfect rhythm to do it. Remember your Score and the different bonuses you can earn with it. Once you think you have the perfect rhythm you can ask The Sign Rockers’ Operations Team for some feedback about the movement.

2.- Tour Off


This advice is for you to know what happens with your breaks. We understand that as a Sign Rocker or a Sign Twirler you may experience some fatigue that’s why we plan one break for you. To being an authentic Rock Star avoid unscheduled breaks and try to alternate movements if you are tired.

3.- Perform


In other to be the best Sign Rocker or Sign Spinner you need to perform as an authentic Rock Star. The sign must be in the right angle, it has to be moved with the perfect rhythm and with the best movements.

4.- Advice 



We know that all Rock Star needs some feedback. In Sign Rockers we have the perfect team available for you to ask them any question or ask for the feedback you need to continue Rocking.

Once you have all this become a ROCK STAR!


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