Frequent Q&A

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Frequent Q&A

In Sign Rockers LLC we know that as a great Sign Rocker and Sign Spinner there are so many questions that come up to your mind when you start your shift. What’s right, what’s wrong, what you can or can’t do, and what happen if you have any problem. Here is the answer of some of them!

What should I do if I can’t go to my shift?

If you are unable to make it to your shift or no longer want the position, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance (call 866-212-9697). We will use that time to offer this employment opportunity to someone in need. If we are unable we can inform the customer and maintain our commitment with them. By doing this, you will also allow yourself to maintain future employment opportunities at Sign Rockers LLC.

How do we pick our sign location?

We analyze maps to determine main roads with direct route to the site you are promoting. We do this to maximize exposure. This way the arrow can point the potential consumers towards the location. Typical places can be the parking entrances, intersections, highway off ramps, or a main street near the store.

Can I work if my tracking device isn’t charged, turning on, or is presenting technical issues?

Sure you can! This happens in rare cases but we will work with you to fix it. If this happens you must contact The Sign Rockers’ Operations Team (866-212-9697 ext 301) and let them know. They will issue a ticket for Customer Service to contact the customer and verify the information and in turn for IT to check the device. After this process, operations will be issued report and based on the results the can authorize you to earn the full bonus amount for your shift.

Can I listen to music and dance?

Will you smile while you jam or dance? If so, by all means! Remember to: Use headphones (speakers are not allowed). Make sure moves don’t negatively interfere with your sign’s movement or put people around you in jeopardy.

Can I be on the phone?

You may use your cellphone to place calls if you are equipped with a bluetooth or headphones. You may not text or use any other application besides Advance HDT, unless instructed otherwise by the technical support team, during your shift.

Can I smoke?

In Sign Rockers LLC smoking during your shift or while holding the customer´s sign is not allowed. Please limit smoking to your break times only.

There is any problem If I have tattoos?

While we recognize that some of the most hardcore rockers have great ink, some of our customers don’t share our enthusiasm. Offensive tattoos must be covered at all times.

What happens if I need time off?

If you wish to take a temporary leave of absence you need to request time off. To do so, you must inform to the HR Team with at least 48 hours notice. If you are unable to do so and fail to show up to your shift, it will constitute abandonment of the position and grounds for termination. Under no circumstance should you notify the customer that you must or be absent.

What happens if I stop or take a break?

The Sign Rockers’ Operations Team plans your scheduled breaks before you start your shift. The frequency and length of these breaks vary by local legislation. During these breaks Advance HDT will not record any movement. It will also notify the rest of the team that you are taking your break. These breaks will not affect your score. As a result, they will not affect your bonus.

We understand that you may experience fatigue during your shift so you will need to take an unscheduled break. Also you may take unscheduled bathroom breaks. Please keep in mind that during unscheduled breaks Advance HDT will assign you a score of 0 for every segment of time you are not moving. This will decrease your average shift score, which in turn will decrease your performance bonus.

Who should I contact when there are general problems?

If you run into any sort of problems before or after your shift please contact Sign Rockers’ HR Team immediately! You can reach them at 866-212-9697 ext 302.


Can you think in another question?

Call us at 866-212-9697 and let us help you.

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