Life Happens

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Being there, Done that

All the customers want their human directional campaigns run perfectly, all Sign Rockers and Sign Spinners want they work to be the best and Sign Rockers LLC want all of this.

As a Band we want that everything goes flawless on the stage but we know that sometimes life happen, things that we don’t control such as:

  • Medical emergency
  • Getting Sick
  • Personal Problems
  • Cancelling a shift
  • Uniform Problems
  • Location Problems
  • Arriving late

If any of these life things happen before your shift you should contact The Sign Rockers’ HR Team as soon as possible and let them know what kind of problem you are having.

You can reach them at 866-212-9697 

There are other life things that can happen during our shift like:

  • Not being able to log in
  • Device issues
  • Advance HDT technical problems

This other type of life things are for The Sign Rocker’s Operations Team, they can help you with any of this problems. 

You can reach them at 866-212-9697 


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