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Our tracking technology measures the time sign rockers or sign spinners login and out of the system. This way we can keep accurate records of every human directional’s employment time. We reward sign rockers with consistent on time attendance records and avoid sign walkers that arrive late. That way your human directional campaign can run smoothly






Our tracking technology uses GPS data to pin point the sign twirler or sign rocker’s exact location. By comparing geo-positioning data, we ensures that the sign rocker can check in to the correct site. We can easily spot when a sign walker has abandoned the target location and redirect them to the appropriate spot





Performance Report

Our tracking technology analyzes movements to provide our sign spinners and sign rockers with real time feedback on their performance. Using this data we can filter out sign walkers with performance issues for training and discipline. In addition, location, time card, movement data is stored to provide you with a complete picture of your human directional campaign’s performance


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We work with every type of sign in the market


Round Bottom Sign, sign rocking, sign walking, sign waving

Human Directional Signs characterized with a round bottom. This allows constant and steady sign rocking movements. Movement in these signs are restricted. This makes them easier to track. As a result, we can provide quality feedback to the sign rocker, sign walker or sign waver.



Arrow shaped signs for human directional ads. The sign spinner can move in a wide variety of ways. We can determine in real time whether the sign twirlers or sign flippers are moving or not. Get the most out of your outdoor advertisements.



These are inexpensive human directional signs for short campaigns and restricted movement. Allowing us to track whether the sign walker or sign waver is moving or not. Max out your OHH investment.

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