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    Before joining a band, every great sign rocker has had to master the basics. Hone in your instincts until it becomes second nature to start the show on time, perform like a Pro, ‘n’ dress for the job. Once you´ve mastered these you´ll be on your way to sign spinner and sign rocker stardom

    You’ve just joined a band of hardcore sign rockers and sign spinners ready to help you succeed. Get help in real time from your coach to qualify for bonus. Participate on our social media for prices. Share your stories and tips so that others can learn to Rock It!

    Go above and beyond for your managers and our customers and they will do the same for you. We will write your name down in the history books for Sign Rocking and become a living sign rocker or sign twirler legend.



Finding gigs for our sign rockers and sign spinners to play is harder than you think. You can thank this guy for the open positions you´ll be working tomorrow


Lead Singer

That sexy voice you hear on the phone. This lady boss is the one who decides which sign twirlers or sign walkers rock in which spot



Probably the one with the most groupies. She is responsible for our sign rockers and sign spinners engagement. That includes image, rewards, and more.




Sets the baseline for the group so that we bob our sign rockers and sign twirlers heads in the same direction. That includes payroll, project work and more.


He makes the loudest noise and ensures every sign rocker and sign spinner is on beat. That means keeping the energy flowing through your veins by helping you with tech and scores